SUPERB Lega Lukwakongo Mask
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SUPERB Lega Lukwakongo Mask

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lega lukwakongo mask

tribe: lega
country: democratic republic of congo
material: wood, pigment
size: 14" (35.6 cm)
provenace: jean-pierce wallet estate collection (jean-pierce hallet was the only white man and westerner to ever be inducted into the mega swami society.)
note: stand not included

Lega masks are related to the activities of the bwami association, an association open to men and women. The bwami association plays a key role in the social and religious life of the Lega, conveying ethical principals and establishing social norms. Lega masks were divided into 5 different types, the Lukwakongo mask, the idimu mask, the kayam-ba mask, the muminia mask and the lukungu mask. Lega masks, quite different to the masks of other African tribes were not worn on the face, they were attached to the body, carried in the hand or hung on the fence during bwami ceremonies.  This mask is an outstanding old representation of these kind of masks.