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Allo Koran Board - Hausa, Nigeria
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Allo Koran Board - Hausa, Nigeria
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Koran Board (Allo Qu'ran)

Tribe: Hausa
Country: Nigeria
Material: Wood, Pigment
Size: 18.5" Tall
The word Qur'an means "recitation," emphasizing memorization and narration as critical components of Muslim devotion. In islamic communities throughout much of Africa, children attend Qur'anic schools for specialized training in reading and writing Arabic and for memorizing the holy book of Islam.  Inscription and verses on wooden tablets provides visual cues for this process.  memorized verses are erased with water and new ones are written in their place superimosing layers of script.
Hausa respect for the sacred written word may be seen in their treetment of writing boards, allo.  An allo is a flat piece of wood with a handle.  Students use it to practice writing verses from the Qu'ran (Koran), washing the ink from the board after each verse is memorized.


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