Baule Ndoma Mask
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Baule Ndoma Mask

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baule ndoma mask

tribe: baule
country: ivory coast
material: wood, dark patina
size: 14.75" (37.5 cm)

The Baule peoples of Ivory Coast are one of the most distinct ethnic groups of Africa who produce sculptures for aesthetic appreciation as well as for ritual purposes. Most Baule sculptures are employed in ancestor-cult rituals.  This Ndoma mask is an excellent example of the Baule’s attention to artistic details. An Ndoma mask portrays a person of high social rank in the village. Such persons are celebrated during an elaborate ceremonial dance called Mblo, which is often performed on stilts. These masks represent the Baule people’s idealized concept of beauty, depicted in Baule trademark carved features that include elaborately detailed coiffures, and ornamental body scarification.