Baule Asie Usu Figure
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Baule Asie Usu Figure

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baule asie usu figure

tribe: baule
country: ivory coast
material: wood, cloth
size: 20" (50.8 cm)
provenace: scaasi collection

This Baule figure represents 'Asie Usu'. Asie Usu spirits live in the countryside. They are malicious, however, if they are honored in the appropriate form, they will bring rewarding harvesting and hunting. On occasion, they express desire (through village diviner) to be associated with a specific person. A statue will then be carved and placed in the home of the designated individual, where is will be worshipped and given libations of chicken blood & egg, often giving it an encrusted patina.

Notes on the Scaasi Collection: The bulk of the collection was put together in the 1970's from galleries in the New York area while the collector was living in Greenwich Village. His collecting continued over the years though with a piece added here and there through till the mid to late 1990’s. No documentation exists, the information is from family members.